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Old Airport Runway

#Old Airport Runway is usually only known to IG users. Situated by the road leading to Yayo from Iratay, it was originally built as an airport runway, but after being destroyed by a typhoon, it became a small artificial cliff and turned into a popular hashtag on IG, creating a memorable scenic attraction in the hearts of many people.


Hush! This is another secret hideout that I cannot divulge too much information about.

I can only tell you some minor details, and you must figure out the rest by yourself.

First of all, it is located beyond the end of the airport runway; there is a small entrance on the left-hand side of the road leading to Yayo that looks like the following photo:


Now you have to walk really carefully on the remnants of the wall and continue forward. When the road disappears, the time has come to use both your hands and feet! After crossing the wave breakers, there is a small beach below. Climb over the wave breakers on your hands and feet, and you will see the place commonly known as #Old Airport Runway!

Scenic attraction notice
  1. This is a challenging location to get to, travelers who are not nimble should think twice before going there.

  2. Climbing onto the wave breakers or the last section of the runway requires some strength, please consider taking off your slippers.

  3. It is easy to lose your phone or other items while climbing up and down, please bring a small bag to store all your belongings.

  4. The last section of the runway is very high, please do not overexert yourself or you may risk falling into the churning sea!