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DADplus+ SUP立槳俱樂部


Essential water activities in Lanyu unlocked – An aerial view makes the journey so much more memorable

Standing up Paddlebording

Besides offering affordable, comfortable accommodation, DAD's water activity brand DADplus+ also provides a SUP experience for water activity enthusiasts.
Combining surfing and rowing, the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) activity can be experienced anywhere with water. There is no need for the advanced balancing skills of surfing, and you don't have to know how to swim, so SUP is an easy, brand-new alternative for exploring the Lanyu blue. In addition to general sessions, sunrise sessions at Dongqing Bay are also available from June to October, and an aerial photography experience can be purchased for all itineraries to make your journey even more unforgettable.

Assembly point



* Please refer to the above map and arrive at the assembly point 5-10 minutes before the activity. Do not use Google Maps navigation to avoid getting lost.


Q: What should I wear to participate in the SUP experience?

You will definitely get wet in the water, so please wear a swimsuit or a thin T-shirt or clothes you don't mind getting wet when participating in the activity.

Q: When should I get to the assembly point?

After the order is confirmed, the activity certificate will be sent to your email, please click on “check certificate” to confirm the assembly point information. The assembly time is 5-10 minutes before your booked activity, so please assemble in our store in time! (Swipe up for the map.)

Q: Can I enjoy SUP if I can’t swim?

Certainly! Our activities are suitable for beginners. We also provide a SUP leash and buoyancy vest (life vest). Furthermore, SUP boards are common rescue tools, so non-swimmers can enjoy the water activity safely.

Q: Do you have an aerial photography service? Can you take aerial photos for me?

The instructor will use a GoPro or cell phone to take photos. Photos taken by DAD are complimentary; although our guests cannot specify the number of photos taken or the shooting angle, the instructors will do their best to take photogenic pictures for everyone! You may purchase additional aerial photography when booking, and the drone will be launched based on the weather conditions. After all the photos are uploaded to the cloud, we will provide the participants with a link that allows them to download the photos within two weeks.

Q: What if it rains or if there is a typhoon?

The activity will take place as usual in light rain. In case of strong wind and waves, the coach will inform you whether the activity will be held. We will inform the participants about force majeure events such as typhoons in advance.

Q: Can we see the sunrise during the sunrise session?

There is an 80% chance of seeing the sunrise in summer, but it still depends on the weather conditions on the day. In any event, Lanyu's mountain mist and ocean are also incredibly beautiful! If it rains during the sunrise session, the instructor will notify you whether the activity will take place as usual, so please keep your cell phone turned on at all times.

Q: Do I have to wear a buoyancy vest (life vest)?

For safety reasons, we recommend all participants wear a buoyancy vest. Please assess your own ability and make sure the leash is properly fastened. You may only temporarily remove your buoyancy vest with the instructor's consent, but you will bear the risk of falling into the water.














  1. Please wear a mask during the course
  2. Only people traveling together may use the 2-person board
  3. Please leave your contact information and take measure your body temperature before the activity (people with a body temperature of over 37.5°C will not be allowed to participate in the activity) and disinfect your hands. The assembly point and facilities are disinfected regularly. 
  4. In light of the recent pandemic, only one toilet and bathroom are open, please gear up before you head to the assembly point if there are many people in the group.

About DADplus+

Launched on August 12, 2020! This is the water activity brand of DAD, offering SUP experience and diver-friendly washing space to create more exciting possibilities for travelers.

Situated only three minutes away from DAD, the facility offers water activity enthusiasts a more comfortable and leisurely experience!

Standing up Paddlebording

⍝ 保險公司:富邦產險
⍝ 保單號碼:1200字第 10NPUB000634 號   
⍝ 保險類別:活動事件公共意外責任險
⍝ 保險金額:每一個人體傷責任 300萬 / 每一意外事故體傷責任 2400萬 / 每一意外事故財物損失責任 200萬 /本保險契約之最高賠償金額 4800萬 / 每一事故自付額 2500元