Diver Friendly Facilities


Diver-friendly facilities

Located just 1-2 minutes away by car is DADplus+,a diver-friendly space for guests joining the freediving and scuba diving experiences
The building is equipped with a scuba gear cleaning area and shower room that are available to our guests free of charge to make your journey more comfortable.

Notice for freediving on Lanyu

Thanks to its unique geographical position and natural landscape, the visibility of Lanyu's seawater is about 30-50m all year round, allowing shore divers to reach a considerable depth, making it a rare freediving paradise in Taiwan;

However, due to the Tao people's unique ocean culture and early education, there are certain regulations and boundaries that must be observed, please learn to respect them to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant time!

We strongly recommend that you learn professional diving safety-related knowledge before diving into the ocean. Lanyu has strong currents, so even if you already have a diving license, you should let a professional instructor guide you.


  • Please book a guided dive if you are unfamiliar with the sea conditions.
  • If you see fishermen before entering the water, please take a detour or find another dive site.
  • Make sure to carry a dive buoy every time you dive.


  • Do not trespass on the harbor waterways of the village.
  • Please wear towels or other clothing after coming ashore, and do not enter the village in indecent clothing.
  • Please do not dive as you please during the Flying Fish Festival, you must first understand the areas where you can dive.

Recommended freediving instructors

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