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Follow the professional tour guides
We do not offer tour packages, please select the paid itinerary you prefer because we do not want to force you to rush from destination to destination.

DAD collaborates with the most professional tour guides, diving operators, and instructors to provide our guests with the most exciting itineraries on Lanyu. Most of the activities can be arranged after arriving on the island depending on the weather conditions.We suggest making advanced reservations for activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling to prevent overcrowding.

SUP活動請直接於官網線上預約,其他各項活動預約請使用LINE加入町Ah度官方LINE@帳號洽詢(LINE ID: @dadlanyu)


浮潛 $600/人

9:00 / 14:00 might adjust time depends on ea condition.

Led by professional instructors, this is an introductory experience to exploring the ocean. The itinerary takes approximately 90 minutes, including gearing up and transportation. 


SUP立槳體驗 $950~$1300/人

日出場 / 08:00 / 10:00 / 14:00 / 16:00

The SUP experience combines surfing and rowing. It is easy to learn and challenges your core strength, allowing you to explore the Lanyu blue that you have never seen before! The itinerary takes about 90 minutes.


體驗潛水 $2600 / 人

8:30 / 13:30 might adjust time depends on ea condition.

Each instructor will take one diver to the ocean floor (roughly 10-12m deep) to admire the most stunning glass ocean. The cost of the itinerary includes an oxygen tank and scuba gear. Including transportation and gearing up, the entire itinerary takes roughly two hours.


體驗自潛 $2500/人


Experience how to feel the pulse of the Earth in the vast ocean with just one breath. While holding your breath, you can feel your body come to life.


自由潛水課程 $13000~$15000/人


70% of the human body and Earth consist of water, yet many people are afraid of the ocean. Learn how to embrace the ocean through freediving and enjoy a magnificent time under water.


經絡按摩療程 $200~$1800/人


Applying the principle of energy and health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, various meridian massage experiences for the eyes, head, shoulders and neck are offered to alleviate stress and revitalize our guests throughout their journey.


拼板舟體驗 $600/人


Board the beautiful Tao tatala boat and sail to the open sea under the guidance of the locals (unavailable during the Flying Fish Festival from March to May). Each trip takes approximately 30 minutes.


大天池導覽 $350/人


Led by locals, guests can explore the legendary DuWaWa of the Tao tribe. A round trip takes roughly four hours. Please bring sneakers or hiking shoes for this itinerary.


夜觀角鴞+潮間帶 $600/人



coast, sea, ocean-6877222.jpg

夜觀角鴞 $300/人


Follow the professional tour guide deep into the mountains on a scooter to catch a glimpse of the legendary “devil's messenger” - the Lanyu elegant scops-owl! The itinerary takes about 90 minutes.

coast, sea, ocean-6877222.jpg

夜間潮間帶導覽 $300/人


Follow the professional tour guide on a scooter to see intertidal zone creatures such as crabs, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins.Take a look at the “late night fridge” of Lanyu residents. The itinerary takes about 90 minutes.


地下屋導覽 $350/人

9:00/ 16:00兩個場次,野銀部落集合

What does a traditional Tao subterranean house look like? What are its special features? Follow the professional tour guide to listen to the culture and architectural history of the Tao people.