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Incredible value for your money and affordable backpacker's accommodation on Lanyu

Why the name Ding Ah Du (DAD)?

Ding Ah Du (DAD) means “on top” in the Tao language; the name of the backpacker's hostel was created because it was converted from the second floor of the owner A Liang's residence.

With such thought in mind, we realized an interesting connection: The abbreviation of Ding Ah Du is dad, which is very fitting because every brick and tile of the house was hand-built by A Liang's father! In other words, Ding Ah Du is also DAD’s Backpackers Inn.

Building on the efforts of the older generation, DAD has become a pit stop where travelers can get together and share a laugh. This has endowed the second floor with a new beginning. DAD boasts 14 single beds and two double beds, complemented by four bathrooms and various facilities to provide affordable but high quality backpacker accommodation for travelers.

About us

We are A Liang and Elaine, and we have personally created all the hardware and software of the backpacker's inn. We love to travel and hope to offer an “incredible value for your money” experience, allowing travelers to enjoy more by spending less.

You may not notice us when you check in becausewe want to give travelers more opportunities to interact freely.However, we are always nearby; sometimes you will see us inspecting the environment in the middle of the night, sometimes you will see our fur babies Ramen and Zhaodi in the backpackers inn. We will take care of all official information and itinerary arrangement-related issues. You are welcome to keep in touch with us through our official LINE account!

We hope our beloved DAD can become a comfortable, relaxing, and high-quality hotel for you, serving as your best pit stop for exploring the Lanyu blue.

Our responsibility

To ensure the travelers’ peace of mind, we have officially registered as a legal B&B in Taitung County (Registration no. 1805) in December 2021. Every bed and public space is equipped with smoke detectors, and each area is equipped with emergency lighting and fire extinguishing facilities. Furthermore, we have taken out public liability insurance with Nan Shan General Insurance as stipulated by the MOTC to protect the accommodation rights of each traveler.

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