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Lanyu is one of the most remote islands in Taiwan; transportation by ferry or airplane is available daily (except for the off-season from November to March). The island still retains a diverse natural landscape, so public transportation is relatively undeveloped. We recommend you refer to the following information to make your journey smoother.

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蘭嶼 - 台灣本島距離

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How to reach Lanyu

  • There are two ferry operators: Green Island Star/Gold Star
  • Ticket fare: Return ticket full fare NT$2,300/half fare NT$1,200/triangular line in summer (via Green Island) NT$2,700
  • DAD will book tickets on your behalf free of charge

#1. 搭著飛機去蘭嶼

  • Airline operator:Daily Air
  • Ticket fare: One way NT$1,489/return NT$2,960
  • Flight time: About 25 minutes
  • The flights will be adjusted according to the weather conditions. Since there are not many flights and each flight only accommodates up to 19 people, we recommend booking your flight at least two months in advance. Due to the limited number of seats on the flight, DAD does not provide ticket booking service on the traveler's behalf; please contact the Daily Air ticketing hotline at (07) 801-4711 (08:00-17:00).
  • Small aircrafts with 19-seat capacity are used for Lanyu, flights are easily canceled due to wind speed restrictions, so we advise travelers going to Lanyu by air to be mentally prepared to change to a ferry in rough weather.

Transportation on the island

DAD Backpacker Hostel is a backpacker accommodation and does not provide port/airport pick-up and drop-off services. Please refer to the following four ways to get there:

  • Renting a scooter is currently the most convenient way of traveling on Lanyu, which mainly has cement roads. Most scooter rental companies on the island offer 125cc scooters.
  • There are about five major vehicle rental companies on the island,but none of them provide electric scooter rentals.
  • “Jia Jia Rentals” is our partnering store. Travelers can pick up and return scooters at the port/airport, and they are entitled to a free scheduled round-trip luggage shuttle service at a fixed location.

#2 By bus

  • Four round-the-island buses depart from the Lanyu Township Office daily for those who do not have any means of transport.Please refer to the Lanyu Township bus timetable.

  • Unlike buses in Taiwan, Lanyu’s buses usually arrive at the bus stop 15-30 minutes early, so please go to the bus stop in advance to make sure you do not miss the bus.

#3 By bicycle

  • There are a few bicycle rental companies on the island, most are situated in Yayo Village (Gangkou Village)
  • Traveling around the island on bicycle requires approximately 5-6 hours
  • Fee: About NT$250 
  • Recommended stores (please contact the store yourself): 
    › Yayo: Lanyu Backpacker
    › Iratay: Dashixiong B&B
  • You may bring your own bicycle on the ferry or the plane, or you can rent a bicycle in Taitung first. However, restrictions apply to airline luggage, and NT$150 will be charged for bringing a bicycle onto the ferry. Please call for more details.
  • Tips: Lanyu has no dedicated bikeways; since there are few sheltered places and there are many uphill and downhill sections, we suggest you come up with a riding plan before leaving for Lanyu.

#4 By foot or hitchhiking

  • Traveling around the island on foot takes about 12 hours.
  • As a backpacker, you can try to travel around the island on foot or by hitchhiking, it will be a worthwhile experience and achievement.
  • Lanyu is known for its blazing sun in the summer, so we advise you use sun protection and stay hydrated at all times.

How to reach DAD?

  • When you reach Ivazogan, please look for Dongqing Police Station (the next alley after 7-ELEVEN). Take the alley by the police station to enter the village, make a left turn at the first alley and a right turn at the next alley, and you will see our sign! (Please refer to the following map)