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Due to the rapid rise of the site and the influence of the strong northeasterly monsoon, Jikarahem has a total of five openings. Coral fossils can be seen on the rock wall of the typical sea cave, recording the traces of the rising coast. What did it look like ten years, one hundred years, or even one thousand years ago?


Let's explore the cave! Observe the vestiges of the ocean on the mountain wall, take a look at the postcard van by the cave entrance, or search for caves with various peculiar shapes, and you will find different angles to take photos.

How do you get there?

If you travel on the island in a clockwise direction from Yayo to Iraraley, it is located between vaRai ni manok and Jimavonot, on the right hand side of the round-the-island highway. If you travel in the other direction, it will be on the opposite side.