You are currently viewing 紅頭岩(椰油洞口)

Imorod Rock (entrance to Yayo cave)

Lanyu was formerly known as “Imorod Island” because of Imorod Rock on the west coast of Lanyu! The name Imorod, meaning “red head”, came about because Imorod Rock looks just like the side of a red head under the setting sun when viewed from the port. In fact, Imorod Rock not only looks interesting from the outside, but many people also stop to take pictures with the back of the rock. The round-the-island road passes behind Imorod Rock and circles the island clockwise from Yayo. When passing through this place, there is often a feeling that “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

Best viewing angle

1. Looking to the right from the highest point of the old lighthouse in the port, you can see an Imorod Rock that resembles the cheek of a Native American face. 
2. Walking from Yayo to Iraraley, you can pass the back of the Imorod Rock, where you can experience different feelings from different angles.


1. When driving along the round-the-island road to take photos by the entrance of the rock, please be sure to park your scooter on the side of the road and pay attention to the two-way traffic. 
2. The crosswind here is very strong, please be extra careful when driving.