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Tide Pools

Travel clockwise to the southern end of Lanyu. Before arriving at the nuclear waste storage site, there are two small tide pools on the left in front of the storage site. Albeit inconspicuous, the crystal clear sea water is teeming with marine life such as coral, clown fish, and other fish species. With a depth of about 6 meters, the pools boast a rich underwater ecology and refreshing water.

How do you get there?

There is a small stone step leading down to the coral reef by the guardrail of the round-the-island highway on the left in front of the nuclear waste storage site, continue from there to reach the tide pools.

Scenic attraction notice
  1. The area here is narrow, please be careful not to kick the coral when entering the water (we suggest you enter the water without diving fins).
  2.  Although this place is relatively safe compared to other snorkeling spots, please observe the monsoon and wave conditions before going into the water.