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Lover's Cave

There are many beautiful legends about #Lover's Cave, but compared to vivid stories, the majestic scenery can still take my breath away. Lover's Cave was originally a large reef located on the coastline of the rapids. The constantly crashing waves have carved a unique arch shaped formation. The azure sea and the powerful white waves allow people to appreciate the majesty of Mother Nature.

How do you reach the Lover Cave?

If you are going around the island in a clockwise direction, please pay attention to the left-hand side before entering the stone sign marked #Ivazogan. After passing the section of Battleship Rock (formerly Lideban), you will pass by a small slope next to Nipple Mountain. When descending, there is a road on the left-hand side where you have to make an U-turn. If you take the counterclockwise direction, after passing the stone sign and before going uphill, you will see a descending path on the right-hand side.

Scooters are prohibited on this road, so you can park your scooter and walk down the road to reach Lover's Cave in approximately 20 minutes!

Pay attention

Strictly speaking, Lover's Cave is situated next to a small cliff. Some of the reefs here are not stable, so it is easy to fall if you are not careful. Travelers should not get too close to the cliff to take photos or admire the beautiful scenery! There are pounding waves and strong currents below, as well as sharp rocks, so please do be careful when passing through this region.

More Attractions

When going to Lover's Cave, take a look at the rock wall on the left hand side and you will notice a small crevasse; this is the well-known landscape called “one-line sky” near Lover's Cave. After passing through the cave, you will reach the other side of the coast. However, there are no lights or visible paths inside the one-line sky, so please walk slowly on the rocks. We recommend going with people with hiking and climbing experience, or seeking a local guide to accompany you to prevent the danger of falling!