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The best month for traveling to Lanyu

Many travelers have asked about the ideal months for visiting Lanyu When is the best time to visit Lanyu?

Since Lanyu is quite far away, everyone is looking for the perfect opportunity to travel. Before we can tell you which month is suitable for traveling, you may want to think about what kind of journey you are looking for. We will provide you with four potential solutions based on the characteristics of your trip: 

Top 1. You have to be surrounded by busting activities all the time Which months are ideal for visiting Lanyu?


If your ideal destination is a bustling southern island where you can bump into new friends everywhere, we recommend that you come to Lanyu in June, July, August, or during “long weekends”, when the island is teeming with people, stores, and night markets. Except for typhoons, Lanyu's weather is relatively stable, suitable for someone who is passionate about the summer vibes like you.

Note: The Flying Fish Festival has already gone by, so there are not too many taboos related to tatala boats and the traditional sea waters 

Top 2. You want to embrace the bustling vibes without too much excitement What is the best month for traveling to Lanyu?


Do you want to avoid a quiet Lanyu or eating 7-ELEVEN food every meal, but you also don't want to travel together with the crowds of people in the summer vacation? April, May, September and just before the Double Ten Day is your perfect choice! After April, the impact of the monsoon diminishes and will not return until late September. The weather during these three months is hot but not searingly hot, and stores are generally open, making it an ideal destination for travelers looking to embark on a light adventure.

Note: April and May fall within the Flying Fish Festival; although some traditional waters are still out of bounds, there are still places where you can frolic in the water! At this time, except for tatala boats, almost all activities are available, and there is also the unique “night flying fish catching” activity

Top 3. You are looking for peacefulness Which months are ideal for visiting Lanyu?


If you just want to kick back and enjoy the sea, sunrise and sunset every day, we advise you to visit Lanyu after the 228 Peace Memorial Day long weekend to the end of March, or after the long Double Ten Day weekend in October, where at least half of the B&Bs and restaurants will be open. However, the island will not be crowded with people as is the case in summer; there are only the changing tide and scenery every day, making it a perfect getaway for people looking to do absolutely nothing but unwind.

Note: Let's unwind together!

Top 4.You have the time and really long for solitude Which months are ideal for visiting Lanyu? There are four possible answers to this question


November to February is Lanyu's monsoon season, and you will find yourself in the company of the wind, the sea, and flocks of sheep on the road, as well as 7-ELEVEN, the farmers’ association, and the Ocean Supermarket. During the monsoon season, only three ships are available every week, and there are only 2-3 sunny days left in a week, making it ideal for people who prefer to travel alone to embrace solitude and the feeling of freedom.

Note: Most hotels and restaurants are closed between November and February, and the island is also in a state of “dormancy”. With powerful wind and waves, all activities are suspended except for scuba diving! However, some B&Bs and restaurants are still open; if you decide to visit Lanyu during this period, please make yourself at home and feel at ease.