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Roaming through Lanyu
Beginner's guide

Independent travel
Lanyu's laid back vibes allow you to take your time and go wherever you want by following the map. Along the way, you will discover plenty of mesmerizing attractions, particularly the ocean. A word of caution, Lanyu has strong currents, so always remember to dive with a companion if you are diving by yourself.

Reminder: Lanyu's Flying Fish Festival takes place between mid-March and early June every year, and there are several traditional taboos during this period, for example: do not touch the gorgeous tatala boats on the beach and do not talk to the people slaughtering flying fish at night. Respect the Tao culture and enjoy a fantastic time!

of Lanyu

Lanyu is an ancient volcanic island consisting almost entirely of reef terrain with a rich geological landscape. There are six villages on the island, each offering unique scenery and characteristics. The round-the-island road is 37km long, taking 1.5-2 hours to cover the entire length of the road on a scooter without stopping to take breaks.

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  • 漁人部落景點
  • 東清部落景點
  • 朗島部落景點
  • 野銀部落景點
  • 紅頭部落景點
  • 椰油部落景點
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